Campfire Happy Hour

STARTS MAY 28!!!  Join us in our beautiful backyard every Sunday and Thursday from 6pm - 9pm for Campfire Happy Hour from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Relax around the campfire next to the creek with a cold drink in your hand.  Order some food from the Fireside Lounge and enjoy live music from local musicians.  It really doesn't get much better than this.  It's our little piece of heaven back there!

Musician Line-Up

May 28
Barry Pitt••••July 2Ryan Merwin••••August 6Barry Pitt
June 1Corey Wittmayer••••July 6Ryan Merwin••••August 10Terry Fox
June 4Don Haney••••July 9Barry Pitt••••August 13Don Haney
June 8Barry Pitt••••July 13Terry Fox••••August 17Corey Wittmayer
June 11Marvin Barry••••July 16Marvin Barry••••August 20Marvin Barry
June 15 Ryan Merwin••••July 20Corey Wittmayer••••August  24Barry Pitt
June 18Kenny Miller••••July 23Barry Pitt••••August 27Barry Pitt
June 22Corey Wittmayer••••July 27Corey Wittmayer••••August 31Ryan Merwin
June 25 Terry Fox••••July 30Barry Pitt••••September 3Glenn Johnson
June 29Steve Thorpe••••August 3Ryan Merwin••••