Win a Survival Kit

Keeping up with Zom-Tober - celebrating the zombies in October, you can win this super helpful survival kit.

Earn 300 points on Monday, October 16th before 10pm and receive a zombie survival kit! A zombie apocalypse can happen at any time. Be ready for it with this Zombie Defense Solutions: 3-Day Survival Kit. Contains real survival food and tools to help battle the undead...or start a fire at a campground - whichever comes first. Includes 6 pouches of water, 3 day food supply, glowsticks, emergency blanket, tools and first aid kit.

Points must be earned between the hours of 12am and 10pm on Monday, October 16th. Gift can be redeemed at the Player’s Club between 8am and 10pm. Management reserves all rights. Limited quantities, one gift per person, while supplies last.