Campfire Happy Hour

 Join us in our beautiful backyard every Sunday and Thursday from 6pm - 9pm for Campfire Happy Hour from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Relax around the campfire next to the creek with a cold drink in your hand.  Order some food from the Fireside Lounge and enjoy live music from local musicians.  It really doesn't get much better than this.  It's our little piece of heaven back there!

Musician Line-Up

July 5 Marvin Barry
July 8 Corey Wittmayer
July 12 Keith Lawton
July 15 Keith Lawton
July 19 Ryan Merwin
July 22 Barry Pitt
July 26 Corey Wittmayer
July 29 Ryan Merwin
August 2 Marvin Barry
August 5 Marlin Maynard
August 9 Steve Thorpe
August 12 Corey Wittmayer (late start-after wedding)
August 16 Ryan Merwin
August 19 Barry Pitt
August 23 Keith Lawton (2-5pm)
August 23 Corey Wittmayer (6-9pm)
August 26 Keith Lawton
August 30 Ryan Merwin
September 2 Brad Johnson

A little about our local musicians:

Barry Pitt sings a variety of country western, rock and oldies while playing his guitar.

Marvin Barry plays folk banjo and old country and classic rock on the guitar.

Ryan Merwin entertains guests with country tunes played on dobro (a type of guitar) and slide guitar.

Keith Lawton plays all the classic tunes with a new twist.

Corey Wittmayer sings some classic rock from the 70s to the a little country while strumming his guitar.

Marlin Maynard plays a wide variety of classics on guitar.

Brad Johnson  plays classic and modern hits on the guitar.

Steve Thorpe is a published novelist and a performing songwriter.


Note: This schedule may change as things do come up that are beyond our control. Also, the weather has a mind of its own…so please be aware that shows may be cancelled or moved indoors.