T-Shirt Tuesdays

Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday!

Earn 50 points on your Player's Club Card the first Tuesday of every month to receive a T-Shirt and Free Play!

  • 1 Star = $5
  • 2 Stars = $10
  • 3 Stars = $15
  • 4 Stars = $20

But wait, there's more! Wear the shirt you won on the rest of the Tuesdays during that month and win more Free Play! Just stop by the Player's Club and they will put the money on your card. If you don't make it the first Tuesday, don't worry, you can still win the T-Shirt on other Tuesdays! The promotion starts over each month with a new T-Shirt design.

Must earn the initial 50 points between 8am and 10pm on Tuesday. Must be wearing the month-specific shirt to receive free play for the rest of the Tuesdays in the month. Management reserves all rights.